Afternoon. Not a particularly brilliant day really, to go with yesterday. Just not feeling in the sort of mood that prevailed on Saturday afternoon, while scoring a game of cricket.

Why? Don’t know to be honest. Could that flashback switch be turned on? Could the automatic feelings that turn up each and every June be back? Well, I’ve not been thinking about all the badness from 2010 too much, but maybe the subconscious has decided to kick in. Who knows.

I’ve escaped today. Was feeling a little down at home so have decided to go out, just for a few hours, to get some fresh air and clear my head a wee bit. The day weather wise isn’t all that, warm but cloudy, but I’m sitting here on a train, just escaping. Alone with my thoughts.

I do have three busyish days coming up, including some presentations tomorrow. Looking forward to those, though it is an early start. Perhaps that is the bump start I need this week. But as a friend of mine said to me on Saturday night, the line of life from A to B is never straight. There’s always squiggles and ups and downs. I’m having a down day. But it will pass, I hope.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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