Buried under a mountain of paperwork…..

It felt like it at my volunteering stint today. I was given a task to do that required printing off loads of forms and collating them. Instead of asking the printer to print off on both sides of the paper, I asked for separate pages. So I ended up with mountains of paper that shouldn’t have been necessary if I had been concentrating.

The office was hot today. Electric fans were on and windows open, but it was like a Turkish bath with the heat and humidity. Probably accounts for the lack of concentration and the fact I was getting a bit irritable towards the end of the shift. That explains my migraine. Don’t like this heat and humidity. Very tiring and draining.

But I got through the task set and it was good to see everyone there. Always a joy! Marvellous people and I thoroughly enjoy doing my volunteering stints. Now indoors, cooling off.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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