An expensive mistake…

Just had a bizarre dream. I dreamt I had applied for a job with a DIY store. I set off for the building, and the arrows pointed me in the direction of the direct dial telephones where I would ratify my application with a member of staff.

Got to the telephone. Pressed the number and was greeted by a Mr. Davis (don’t ask me why, it’s a dream!). He chatted away fairly amiably and then asked me my name and application number. I gave him both and then there was a pause. A long pause. “We have a problem here, Mr. Brooks”, said Mr. Davis, “It seems as though you’re already an employee with us but haven’t worked a single day…..”

I couldn’t believe it, there must be some mistake. The cheery tone from Mr. Davis turned into a patronising and derogatory tone. “Well, I’m afraid I can’t allow you to work for us, considering you can’t do a simple piece of admin”, before adding crudely “You might as well take this application and shove it up your backside”.

Charming I thought, and replied, after a stony silence “Very crudely put, but apposite”. Mr. Davis again “Im afraid I’m terminating your employment with us and terminating your second go at applying. Thank you and goodbye”. No good luck. I was cast onto the scrapheap. I left the telephone area and wandered around aimlessly outside, wondering whether anyone will take me on. That’s of course, if I can do a simple piece of admin! My own fault.

All a dream though. And the fact I was running for a bus at the end of the dream woke me up. Back to reality. Still hot outside, fan whirring around. Welcome back to life, but don’t get me to do any DIY!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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