@CharitySANE rides to the rescue…

SANE is a UK based mental health charity that has a helpline staffed, six hours a day, 365 days a year, to help those in crisis. It runs several campaigns to promote awareness around mental health.

That’s the advert out of the way! Why do they ride to the rescue for me personally? Because it’s a privilege to volunteer for them as they have some superb full time staff and superb volunteers when I go into the office to do my stint.

Today is a prime example of what I’m saying. This morning, I was hesitant, anxious and undecided about whether to walk out of the front door to do my volunteering stint. But I went. It was an effort, but I went.

I was given some set tasks to do and that helped the mind to concentrate and focus on something different rather than anxiety and panic. It relaxed me and the last three days rubbish seemed to just dissipate. It’s great to work on my own initiative but it’s also great being part of a fabulous team at SANE.

The full time staff in the office today were full of caring and full of sympathy for how the last few days have been for me. You cannot quantify that kind of support and kindness. SANE staff and volunteers have kindness and empathy in abundance.

In fact the support I’ve received from various sources this week have helped to lighten the load and make me feel valued, appreciated, and supported. In my weird mind, I think the whole world is against me sometimes. But that is largely untrue. This week has proved the adage “You know who your friends are in times of crisis”. The world can be a frightening place. But there are people out there who will stand up for others and help them to achieve things they wouldn’t have otherwise achieved in their life before.

Too many wonderful people who have given me a lift this week. But they know who they are and I hope to repay them by putting in plenty of effort either volunteering or presentations wise. These people give me the reason to get up out of bed and get out that front door. Without them I would be nothing at all.

A.S.D Brooks

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