Exhausting anxiety….

Friday. Another difficult morning. Every little thing is irritating me today. Much like the last two days. I’m supposed to be doing some volunteering today and I woke up with a real sense of foreboding. I didn’t want to go out of that door, into the world. Wanted to stay in bed, out of the way.

So it was a real mentally draining effort to get out of that door today. I was thinking of that bed and climbing back into it. But I pushed through and made it outside, in amongst all the things that make me anxious. Think you know what they are by now.

Anxiety is draining. My mind feels tired. It’s as though a ton weight is resting on top of it and all the worries are trapped inside. It’s been a dreadful second half of the week. Just want to get the volunteering out of the way today. I shouldn’t be saying that as I look forward to it. But the mind has gone this week. It will return at a later date. The eyes feel glazed. Not good.

Time to make that train journey….

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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