Picture the scene….

Scene:- The Brain of A.S.D Brooks

Brain:- Good morning A.S.D

Me:- Good morning brain

Brain:- Let me get you started this morning. What would you like, anxiety and panic, mixed with members of the public who don’t have an iota of common sense?

Me:- If you could please, and get those members of the public to use public transport, buses, trains etc. Also, could you arrange a full bus, no trains, four teachers and a large group of kids using the bus in rush hour?

Brain:- Certainly. And how would you like this to end up?

Me:- Panic. Mind completely gone. Shortness of breath. Racing heart, feeling of walls closing in….

Brain:- I’ll send out messages to various parts of the body so that you can suffer this panic attack. And what else would you like me to do?

Me:- Blame just about everybody.

Brain:- And what would you like me to do with “everybody”?

Me:- Get an effigy of everyone on earth and stick pins in them for the suffering they’ve caused me.

Brain:- With pleasure

Oh hello. Yes, it’s all started again. Wait for bus. Two women get on and attempt to pay with a chip and pin card. No money on either card. And the laughable thing is the repeated attempts to get the card reader to work. Five or six goes, thinking the driver will have some sympathy and allow them on the bus. I’m standing on the pavement waiting for these two fools to get off. The driver eventually relents.

To add, the driver nearly misses the stop I want to get off at. And my connecting bus is terminating short of it’s destination. I think my brain thinks of all the fools in the world and lines them up to make my life as difficult as possible. Plan A? Down the drain. Plan B – close to it. Plan C? Might be needed.

Two days in a row. Not enjoying this at all.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...