Festival of Mental Health…

Another week, more good stuff around mental health. Today, with several colleagues, we took part in Mental Health and Dementia Awareness Day.

What’s involved? Well, various local charities and concerns that deal with mental health and dementia are invited to set up their own table and sell their wares to the general public. We had about 14 or 15 tables, plus refreshments, reiki, and energy healing. Lots of networking took place, putting people in touch with organisations they may not have even considered. A lot of great work.

We had three speakers. My Peer Support colleague, a Chaplain from a local mental health hospital, and little old me. We all spoke about our recovery journeys, what we do and an attentive audience watched and listened.

The feedback was excellent. I think by having those three talks gives everyone a flavour of what goes on. I paid tribute to various people, including my line manager, who seemed a bit embarrassed! Without his excellent organisational skills, events such as today wouldn’t happen.

And to illustrate what a small world it is, I even bumped into a lady who works at the other mental health charity I volunteer at. Just a really good day.

And again, the talk that I gave had no nerves or anxiety. It went very swimmingly, even though it was off the cuff. I prefer not to work to a script and keep the speech real. It’s worked so far, so I see no reason to change it. In fact the other two speakers performed just the same, with little script and with a natural style. If only I could do presentations for a living! How rich would I be!! Well, you never know who was listening today.

Coming back home now, and again, what a fantastic day it is in London Town. Quite hot, too. Loving this weather and that helps with the well being.

That’s all for now…

A.S.D Brooks

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