Explosive Weather??

This spell of weather in this part of the UK has been superb. Endless blue skies, cool mornings and evenings but warm and glorious days. The nights have been easy for sleeping….but there’s some incredible weather coming our way next week.

I’ll add the caveat that forecasting the British weather more than a few days in advance is a hazardous business, so a week away is even more tricky. Coinciding with half term holidays for most school kids, the weather is about to be a record breaker.

Temperatures could reach up to 36 Celsius or 97 Fahrenheit in old money. That’s impressive but what isn’t so good from my point of view is that the humidity will soar, nights will be uncomfortable to sleep through and there’s always the possibility of thunderstorms. With temperatures not far off 100F, there could be an awful lot of crash, bang and wallop next week.

It has been a brilliant start to summer and not before time. Next week promises to be even better….up to a point. I appreciate the heat isn’t for everyone. Today’s weather has been warm, but comfortable, about 75F. That’ll do me. But the weather we cannot control. If only we could……!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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