A mixed bag today….

Not sure why, but it’s a little more effort to push myself out of the door today. Weather not too shabby, if a little on the humid, thundery side. I’m out on my travels again, and the idea of not staying in cooped up and looking at the four walls has given me that incentive. Turn the door handle, put the sunglasses on and off we go. Got to make the most of the good weather and to enjoy the great outdoors. But, there will be times when a superb day is there, but the mood and spirit is unwilling. Very close to it today, but not quite.

Where am I off to? Deal in Kent. A pretty seaside town that will suffice just nicely today. The sun is making an appearance once again as I type so hopefully this will prepare me for three busyish days ahead. That’s of course, if anxieties and low mood don’t resurface.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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