Aim for the highest…

Not great with heights, if truth be told. I can manage, but just about.

Today I did the highest presentation on mental health ever. I was on the 12th floor of a council towerblock, along with a colleague, to present a seminar on stigma and discrimination to council officials.

We were expecting a fair few to turn up, but in the end, only ten put in an appearance. Still, I managed to put in a fairly assured performance, even withstanding a loud phone ringing through the laptop. The laptop had been connected to somebody’s phone, and the loud, piercing shrill made it feel I was under attack by rampaging birds (the feathered variety…!)

Overcoming that, I managed to get through without any more mishaps, and we both felt that the presentation was well received. The audience seemed interested and alert, despite the fact it was a lunch break for most of them. If we got our message across, then I’m happy with that.

It was a bit lofty, looking out over most of East London, but I got through it. I explained about my autism diagnosis and if people are better informed because of that explanation, again I’m happy.

Now at City Hall in London on a cool, windy afternoon. Meeting at 6 pm. Thank goodness for things that keep me fairly well occupied, otherwise I would be back to square one.

A.S.D Brooks

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