Robust and Resilient….

A description of me, would you believe. I’ve never believed that description with all of life’s brickbats being lobbed in my direction. Weak and lily livered would be more fitting.

So my CBT counsellor came out with this today during our session. In fact anyone that has to endure mental illness of any form is robust and resilient. It’s a test of one’s moral fibre. To get through an episode is tough enough. To come out and being able to do some activities is another.

On Saturday just gone, I mentioned that I felt a bit low. That I did. Tired and generally unmotivated. Certainly no coincidence that the day, weather wise, was dark, uninspiring and wet. Correlation between mood and weather is another obstacle to overcome if the weather is rubbish.

But, today, that correlation is much better. Pleasantly warm, with light breezes, hazy sun and blue skies. I’ve upped sticks and gone out to enjoy what the best that the English countryside has to offer. I’m in East Sussex and taking in the rolling fields, the quietness, and solitude. Far removed from the chaos and uncertainty of London life.

So back to being robust and resilient. Were it ever thus? It’s what keeps the dark thoughts and life limiting anxiety at bay. Until next time….

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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