The difference is stark…

This is where I was yesterday:-

Beckenham in Kent. Watching cricket. A nice day, relaxing and enjoyable. One of my umpiring colleagues who I’ve known a long time was doing the game. A beautiful ground, a mix of the suburban and the rural. You would hardly believe that this place is 8 or 9 miles out of the centre of London.

I did a lot of walking though. Tree lined streets, wide pavements and long roads in the surrounding area. Good to get a bit of exercise though and stretch the legs, help to shift this spare tyre around my middle! Beckenham is certainly a place I’ll visit again. 20 minutes on the train from the capital. Can’t be bad.

Well that was yesterday. Today is starkly different. Whether that’s through tiredness I don’t know, but the mood has declined sharply today. Feel as though a blanket has been put over the mind. In a fog, feeling a bit down. Can’t explain it really. I slept ok, but from the moment I got up, just don’t feel up to doing a lot today.

So two days, one good, one not so good. Who says that mental illness is predictable? It’s not. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t have gone out today if the weather was nice. Like a feeling of numbness, of feeling nothing. Odd, but then again, I am…..!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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