Thursday Goings On

As you may know by now, my life is never dull. There’s always some drama associated with my everyday existence. Today is no different.

Another excellent sunny day in London. Off out early to Peer Support group. Miss a bus by 30 seconds. Just about to check when the next one is on my phone app when another one arrives, 30 seconds later. Result.

A result for all of one minute. Because this bus is too close to the one in front, we have the charade of waiting at most of the bus stops to “even out the gaps in service”. How to stretch 30 seconds… interesting conundrum. So the bus pootled along at a snail’s pace. Then, all of a sudden, it was being terminated short of it’s destination, but right where I get off to change onto another bus.

What did make me laugh was the bus kept pulling into the stops, the driver opened the door only to tell crowds of people that it’s terminating early. Stop after stop saw disgruntled commuters tutting and harrumphing that they couldn’t get to their destination. Meanwhile I was on a bus with three people that dropped me right to the door. Result! Not all bad then.

As if in revenge, the bus I changed onto was packed. And then we have people’s baggage taking up seats. As one particular lady was quite reluctant to move her stuff, I nearly parked my ample backside straight on the bag. It was quickly moved.

The group went well, with myself leading affairs today. We only had a small attendance but it was an ok group. Then I had to attend a meeting regarding a very busy spell of presentations and stuff around mental health in the next fortnight. Very productive.

Then I decided to have some lunch, and while walking through a department store to have this lunch, I witnessed a light fingered member of the public being manhandled by a member of the store’s security team. Such fun. The lunch went down well and it was time to go home.

Onto a posh new train, which was late, and as the train pulled into a station, a young lad thought it would be a good idea to spit on the floor in front of the passengers. Absolutely disgusting habit is spitting which I think the spitters should be made to clear up, after they’ve hit with an on the spot fine. In Thailand of course, it’s a jail sentence for spitting or littering. Different world in the UK these days.

And then waiting for a bus to go home, a delivery van decides to try and overtake another vehicle as they approach a left turn. Cue squealing of tyres, cue totally idiotic driving as neither of the two fools would give way. Boys will be boys when behind the wheel of a car.

So that’s my day. Eventful, chaotic, productive and typical of London life. Now enjoying the evening sunshine streaming through my window. Sometimes the weather can make you forget the travails of life. Beautiful.

That’s all.

A.S.D Brooks

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