Pleasant Company….

Just a fairly relaxing and mellow kind of day today. First of all, I had to sort out these dizzy spells, so I paid a visit to the doctor. Not my usual one, as he doesn’t work Wednesdays. This chap was someone I had never seen before, but he was very pleasant and tested my heart rate and blood pressure, which seemed normal.

So, it’s off to have some blood tests done and if I still feel rough, he will ask me to have some ECGs done, his theory being that dizzy spells can be caused by irregular heart rhythms. We’ll see. Today I don’t feel so bad, and in any case these dizzy spells are irregular and brief in nature. Worth checking out in case of something more serious.

Then off to volunteering at the national mental health charity. Pleasant, relaxing and I felt in good form. Got the work done that was asked of me. I have a title “Volunteer Admin Assistant”. I’ve been called much worse, very unprintable things!

And I got asked, by text, to go to a curry night at the local cricket club I belong to. I haven’t set foot in the club for nearly a year, but I’ve been hearing some nice overtures being made and I may well make a return, albeit only a social one. Umpiring is strictly off the menu. I got asked to umpire a game the other day, my reply was a firm but polite “no, thank you”. Sticking to my guns on this one. If my opinion changes, I’ll let you all know!

Anyway, in this text, the sender asked me if I would like to bring my wife along. That would be good, if I had one!! I did have, but not any more. Being single at the moment is eminently preferable to being in any kind of relationship. Got too many issues to worry about and I don’t want any more to add to the list. I humorously rebuked the text sender and he was fulsome in his apologies.

So a few nice things happening. Long may they continue! And the weather was fabulous today in London. Warm, but not hot, with a hint of freshness and hazy blue skies. Good for the soul.

Catch you all soon.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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