How I don’t like to be beside the sea….the weekend just gone!

Normally, I love the tranquility and peace of the beach. A time to relax with a good book, a cold drink and sunglasses on.

The weekend just gone has seen the hottest May Day Bank Holiday in the UK since this Bank Holiday was introduced in 1978. I haven’t been out at all over the weekend. Two reasons for that. I’m still getting these dizzy spells and despite hanging on the phone for 15 minutes today, I didn’t get to see a doctor. Maybe tomorrow.

And the second reason? Well, with it being a Bank Holiday, the train network virtually grinds to a halt due to engineering work. The reasoning behind such work is that normally it pees it down at such a time of year and people don’t travel much. There’s always an exception to this rule though.

So I would have found it difficult to make it even to a quieter seaside resort for some relaxation. Most of the popular places were jam packed and the trains were dangerously overcrowded (nothing new there) and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the experience. Still, it’s only May and there’s loads of time to relax on a weekday out of season trip to a beach somewhere in the southeast of the UK.

So it’s probably been a blessing in disguise that these dizzy spells have been plaguing me for the weekend. Saved me a traumatic, hot and crowded trip and plenty of anxiety to boot. Everything happens for a reason.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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