Snooker Loopy…

Snooker is a sport I thoroughly enjoy. At the moment, it’s the World Championship in Sheffield, the annual pilgrimage for the world’s best players each April for the last 41 years.

Snooker is a sport played by wonderful people, who love to entertain and love to win. But it is a sport where, by and large, the players respect each other and the game. There’s very little of the nonsense that permeates other sports and it is a sport that enjoys a worldwide TV audience.

This World Championship has been full of exciting matches and fascinating talking points. The quality of the players left in at the quarter final stage means the next seven days will contain some high drama and entertainment.

I love the stable nature of snooker. The different colour balls, the dress code and the attention to etiquette and rules is something that appeals to me, and being autistic, I love that sense of order and routine. It’s a soothing and engrossing sport to watch, with great people taking part.

My favourite player? Ronnie O’Sullivan. He is out of this year’s event but the man is a natural born genius at a game I find almost impossible to play. He makes it look ridiculously simple and the way he entertains and wants to win is incredible. Ronnie is naturally gifted and I don’t think we will see his like again in sport in general, certainly not in my lifetime. He is a big draw card and gives the public so much to enjoy. Simply the best.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...