So what else has been going on??

After that horrible Saturday, things started to improve. On that particular day, it was the Grand National, the world famous horse race. As it was the 13th the previous day, I plumped for number 13, Tiger Roll, with a great trainer, jockey and owner to boot. The Brooks shillings were put on at the local betting shop and the horse won, only just mind you. The spring warmth was noticeable and life started to feel good again.


On the Monday, I popped over to Suffolk seaside resort, Felixstowe, for the day. It was another day of spring warmth, and more importantly, the coast is like my escape from the travails of London life. The relaxing nature of being at the coast appeals greatly to me and the sounds, sights and smells makes you feel great to be alive.


But my life wouldn’t be complete without more anxiety provoking issues. On the Wednesday, seeing as the weather was warming up nicely, I decided to go to Eastbourne in Sussex for the day. I booked the train tickets online as it was cheaper, and I gave myself plenty of time to get to the coast in time for lunch. That was the plan. Unfortunately, the first part of that plan almost went completely down the drain. Trying to get from my home town into London was a mission. There were no trains. I then had to resort to plan B, to get a bus to the first station on the tube and try to make it to Victoria station.


It wasn’t exactly Usain Bolt, but I haven’t moved as quickly as I did that Wednesday morning. I raced across London and made it to Victoria with 8 minutes to spare before the booked train left. If that didn’t come off, I would have been left £20 out of pocket and no recourse to recompense. No train, not our fault! I was relieved when my backside hit the seat on the 11.17 to Eastbourne.


And it was a great day. Bit of lunch, bit of sunbathing, and an open top bus ride around the town, including the spectacular views atop Beachy Head, some 500 metres above the town. Magnificent. Just a day where you think to yourself, what is all the fuss about? To prove that the train services that day were really appalling, there were countless delays on the way back. But great memories of a great day.


Then to complete a good week, I had two meals out, one with cricket umpiring colleagues, one of whom has just recently been widowed, so that was a nice evening with top blokes who I can count as very good friends and colleagues. On the Friday, I was a little tired, but went out with some mates from my former job as a postman. Great laugh and great company once again.


From doom to happiness…..though the weather has reverted back to normal again. Rain, greyness and cold. But what else can we expect?


A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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