Continuing the goodness

And to complete the story of the last few weeks, onto the week just gone. I’m still seeing my CBT counsellor and that has a profound effect on how I behave and the counsellor knows how to keep me in the moment, something I don’t do very well as a matter of course.

Then I attended a meeting with a colleague at a very plush London venue all to do with Peer Support. There were lots of like minded people there and it was a national idea to get groups who operate Peer Support across the country into a seminar so we could pool ideas and see where Peer Support goes in the years ahead. It was great fun, the food was good, and it was a worthwhile exercise, though planning a national event for one of the organisations I belong to would be tough. So the two of us mulled it over and chatted at length for ideas moving forward, on a local and smaller logistical scale.


Then I watched my first taste of outdoor cricket this current season. It was a cold day on Thursday, and I was regretting showing up with the rain pelting down. Thankfully it was only a shower and the rest of the day was nice and clear. The game was good and entertaining and the two umpires were alumni of the umpires course I help to run nowadays. The senior man passed through many years ago before I got involved, and he now umpires County standard 1st XI cricket, and can be seen on the TV occasionally. It’s a task he performs brilliantly and his experience was a real help to his colleague, who performed well on one of his first games at County 2nd XI level. A nice day out, though it wasn’t warm at any stage!!


So I’m getting there, slowly. So looking forward to the summer now, when it finally arrives!!


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