Rain stopped play….

Well the weather has been fairly dreadful over this Easter holiday and today it has kiboshed any form of outdoor entertainment.

I was due to go and watch football with a mate of mine and we got halfway to the ground before the news came through that very heavy rain had scuppered any ideas of playing the game. Thank goodness for social media and the world of Twitter! Before all that came along, we both would have been none the wiser and made our way to the ground only to go back again. The instant world we live in came to our rescue.

So we went and had some lunch and some good laughs about the world of cricket we are both involved in, him to a larger extent than me. A good way of whiling away the hours. And if cricket is your game for outdoor entertainment, I would forget it for a while too. A large puddle near the main road today was a safe haven for a couple of ducks. Good weather for them, but not for us humans.

Bank Holidays! Don’t you just love em?

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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