In need of some cheering up…

It’s been a nondescript kind of week for me, what with being holed up indoors with a bad cold and the weather being typically rubbish too, not improving my mood.

So I was in need of a tonic and who better to provide it than my sister and brother in law who took me out for some Sunday lunch at a local pub. The food was fine, all washed down by a couple of beverages, and then the main event; the football match between Chelsea and Tottenham. My brother in law is a Tottenham fan and to see him get so animated for 90 plus minutes was amusing in itself. Tottenham won the game, so he was happy!

It’s a local pub I’ve never been in before either and I was impressed by the friendliness of the staff and a decent atmosphere. It was that decent, that I may pay a return visit one day in the future.

And it has cheered me up somewhat. Even this morning, I was feeling a little low and I even had a minor panic attack while getting ready. This soon passed and the afternoon went well. It certainly beat sitting indoors watching the paint dry and these never ending grey skies. Something a bit different and it has made a difference to me, certainly.

More football tomorrow, with a mate of mine, so looking forward to that. It’s days like these that keep the mind just this side of self destructing, so I was grateful for that.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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