Hot and cold….

Evening. The blog post title is correct. I’m hot and cold, as a dose of the lurgie has decided to visit me. Croaky throat, lots of sneezing and sniffling, lots of sleep and the body’s thermostat has decided to go on the blink.

So I’ve been tucked up in bed all day. I had a family funeral to attend this morning, followed by, would you believe, another one for a friend of mine who has lost his wife. I awoke at seven not in the best of health, and I decided not to go to either. The morning was drab, cold and wet and this did nothing for my mood. The appeal of sleeping off this lurgie in a warm bed was a far better proposition.

The last cold I had just involved a sore throat and cough. No fever. Just a rancid, ghastly feeling today and with not much in the way of appointments coming up in the early part of the Easter holiday, time for rest.

Hot cup of tea now will suffice. Just a bit miserable!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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