On this Day in 1926…

On this day 92 years ago, the person pictured was born. That person was my father. He served Britain as a soldier during World War 2, had a happy marriage, worked as a factory manager for many years and was a good, solid person with characteristics and behaviour that I hope I’ve replicated.

He was polite, respectful, but with a temper on him when someone or something made him angry. I for one, felt the wrath of him on more than one occasion. But myself and my sister were brought up very well, to respect your elders and betters and we both had a good education. Unfortunately, my father wouldn’t have known anything about my autism or my other struggles with anxiety and depression. I’m not sure what his reaction would have been. It’s an interesting hypothetical situation.

But he was a good man. Taken from us in July 1991 at the relatively young age of 65. His last seven months were riddled with extreme pain and discomfort. It was mortifying to watch a previously fit and able man just waste away to virtually nothing. To an 18 year old bloke as I was at the time, the loss was felt very keenly as Dad and me were very close. Time always heals to an extent but you never forget those who had a big influence on your life.

The year of his birth saw two worldwide events that were seismic at the time. The birth of our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and the 10 day General Strike that brought Britain to a standstill. Dad came into the world and he was a justly proud and upstanding man who didn’t suffer fools gladly. It’s just a shame he’s not around to guide me along. But life moves on and I hope I haven’t let him down.

Happy Birthday Dad

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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