I don’t suffer from that per se, but there are times when I feel hemmed in by crowds of people and the twinges of claustrophobia are evident.

And so on to today. Was on my way to the weekly Peer Support group, which I haven’t been to for a fair while. All was well, the bus was making good progress, until it pulled into a stop where at least 100 schoolchildren and four teachers were waiting to get on.

This they did, after a fashion. People were struggling to get on or off the bus, then we had the comical scenes of a mother trying to get on with a pram only to encounter said schoolchildren in the space reserved for prams. The bus was full. Me being an idiot, I sat at the back. The tidal wave of kids virtually saw me trapped in like a sheep pen. Not the smartest thing to get on a bus with 100 kids in tow at a busy time of day, but when did common sense ever enter equations? The steam was coming out of my ears as more time was being added on to the journey.

Is it me? Or have I done something bad in a former life? Why do I end up in these ludicrous situations? When I finally made it to the office for the group, I wasn’t in the best of moods. Fortunately the group went well, whether I made it go well is a moot point. But it was good to see my old colleagues and some new faces and the annoyance and frustration dissipated. But honestly, I felt very hemmed in and trapped on that bus today.

Four good days in a row, but it was too good to make it five. That was never going to happen. Too many variables. Didn’t sleep very well as I had a bad dose of acid reflux again. But I suppose alls well that ends well. On a train now, not crowded, not trapped. The strange world of A.S.D Brooks….

A.S.D Brooks

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