Gifts from Russia….

Due to the geography of the world, when the winds turn Easterly, the air turns bitterly cold and snow arrives. This happened the other week, and now, after a mild week, it’s happened again. A thin covering of snow on the ground and the temperature has dropped by 25 degrees. A present from Russia….

In addition to that, there’s been the nerve agent scandal when, allegedly, two former Russian dissidents were poisoned on British soil a few weeks ago. Without any real evidence, the British government has taken some measures against the Russian government who they believe are behind this “outrage”. So it’s an awful lot chillier from the East than normal, weather wise and diplomatically. Let’s hope the weather and the current political situation improve fast, otherwise in the words of the well known song, there may be trouble ahead. No moonlight or romance will follow!

Just adds to the gloomy beginning to 2018. Not a great year all in all so far.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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