You can bet on it….

Hello. This is the time of year when I pit my wits against a mate of mine, in the name of selecting winning horses at the world famous Cheltenham Racing festival. It’s a fantastic four days and I actually beat my mate last year.

This time around, he made a tremendous start on the first day and I’ve been unable to catch up. What’s the prize? One crisp £5 note. But my mate is a real good punter and I like to challenge him. Just can’t see myself bridging the gap between us but you never know, funny things can happen.

I don’t see my mate very often, though we keep in touch quite regularly. We’ve been friends since our days working together at the local sorting office. Our friendship is very solid and I will always remember when he helped me out when I was in the depths after my Mum’s death, in amongst other problems, seven years ago. I realise he’s a family man but he’s made time to meet up tomorrow, which I really appreciate. He’s a top bloke.

So it’s been a quietish week really, and sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not. But it’s nice to value friendship and keep that going. Just want to get the better of him again tomorrow! Looking forward to it.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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