Welcome back to sunny London?

Errrr….no. It’s bloody horrible back here in London. I’m safely home, in the warm, with the rain chucking it down. I knew what was to come as the train approached the French coast, low grey skies and mist, and rain. Welcome back to Blighty!

Lovely journey back and it is a source of wonderment how one can be on a train and two hours later, in a European capital. It beats flying and the security and passport controls are a lot less painstaking than at most airports. The Eurostar goes like a bullet and goes up to nearly 200 mph on certain parts of the route. Another facet of the journey is leaving one coast, go through the Channel tunnel and 20 minutes later you’re on the opposite coast. It is a very popular form of travel and with a new service from London to Amsterdam in the offing, more possibilities for European weekend breaks are there.

Nice to be back home but the weather is another matter. That was a good break.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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