Springlike Warmth…

The day started off drab with rain around here in Bruges, but now there’s plenty of blue sky and a real warmth that hasn’t been apparent for a good while. The air was warm with that hint of freshness, and it was good getting out and about for a few hours today.

Managed to find an Irish bar, called Delaney’s, where I had a couple of alcoholic beverages to wash down a very nice stew that had some gorgeous lamb chunks in it. There was some football on the TV, and some Glasgow Celtic fans were cheering their side on to victory against their arch enemies Rangers. Just a nice, pleasant way of spending a Sunday afternoon.

Early start tomorrow, as I’m booked on a late morning train from Brussels to London and I have to make a connection in plenty of time. More thoughts and memories of this excellent weekend to come, with a few pictures too. So glad I made the effort to go away on my own again, something I haven’t done too often in my life. There’ll be more opportunities I’m sure.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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