The best of me…..

Now I must profess to not having the greatest self esteem in the world or imbued with a great deal of confidence. But I have gradually built on my successes as a speaker on mental health and umpire tutoring to not having a problem standing up in front of a group of people and talking.

I’m always looking at what I could have done better, not what I did well. Always looking to improve my skills. Up to 5 years ago, my public speaking efforts were non existent. You would have had to drag me kicking and screaming up to do the job. Now, though I still lack some confidence, I do get by a lot better.

And so to tonight. We were quite a few tutors down for various reasons, so I performed without my usual prompt sitting at the top table that steers me back on the correct track if I stumble. Well it was a case of flying solo tonight, and it probably ranks up there as one of my better performances. Not just confidence, but interaction with the room and I just felt that inner calmness. Believe me, that’s not usually the case!

It just went so well. And as I’ve alluded to before, some of the people in the room are well known to me, so them judging my performance takes on that extra edge. But I finished near 9.30 and felt absolutely excellent. A whole two hours of little old me, that’s enough to put anyone off. Just enjoyed it. And as with all things, the more you practice and perform, the better you get. But I’m always still learning.

We had an amusing incident where a story was relayed to me, and the guy came up with a brilliant pay off line that had everyone fooled, including yours truly. That caused great merriment and helped me relax even more into the evening.

I think by just telling it like it is to people, no sugar coating, just straightforward and honest, drawing from that well of experience, helped me put together a presentation that will stick in my mind as one of the best I’ve done. And for an unconfident bloke like me to say that, well it must have been ok.

That’s all from me.


A.S.D Brooks

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