Sobering Sunday thoughts…

Hello. Yesterday was an interesting day. I decided to venture to the local pub for the first time in 2018. Because of illness, I haven’t felt up to going. They had a music event on last night and I took up the invitation from the establishment itself.

As it happened, it was a very enjoyable evening. A lot of the regulars were there initially, then they went off for a meal. Spent most of the time last night on my own, but that didn’t bother me in the least. The music was good, the atmosphere was it’s usual vibrant self and it was nice to make a nostalgic return.

By the time 11.00 pm came, the drinks (vodka and tonic, two doubles and a single) were starting to mess with my mind a bit. To be frank, I shouldn’t really be drinking at all while on anti depressant medication. I was starting to feel tired, and as I had a reasonable journey to make, decided to head for home.

The initial part of the bus journey home was spoilt by two Eastern European gentlemen arguing in their mother tongue and in a loud voice. Whether they knew each other was a moot point. What did happen was that a middle aged lady got fed up with their bickering and told them to shut up. This had the desired effect and the rest of the journey was completed in relative quiet. Certainly bus journeys in the local area have their moments.

Today, I’ve been thinking a lot, about a lot of stuff. Not one of my finer days. It’s grey, dreary and grim outside and my mood has caught that greyness and drabness. What have I been thinking about? Just general stuff, over thinking, rumination, over fertile thoughts and the demons rising to the surface. Why do I do this to myself? Because I spend too much time on my own and don’t think rationally. Silly I know, but a busy week coming up will put those thoughts back in their box, for now.

Not the best of days.

A.S.D Brooks

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