Emma’s UK appearance….

Storm Emma of course. The last five days has seen a severe blast of very cold weather sweep in from Russia towards the UK, with increasing amounts of wind chill and lashings of snow.

Yesterday though, saw Storm Emma (named by the Portugal Met Office), sweep towards the southern half of the UK, bringing gale force winds and even more snow. This has cut off communities, stranded commuters and made conditions extremely dangerous indeed. There was a report of a train stuck in the West of England after it broke down in a blizzard. Passengers were trapped for hours.

The first part of the week wasn’t too bad, but now it’s pretty treacherous out there. Outside of my flat, it’s dark, extremely windy and the snow is still there. Also, my central heating has yet to be fixed and the sink is still blocked. Was feeling a little lost this morning but better now. Things do go wrong and as I’ve alluded to, they are a lot worse for some people in this bitter weather.

So we say goodbye to Emma tomorrow. The weather is set to turn a little milder and the severity of this spell will ease down. I hope that my three day trip to Belgium doesn’t get affected next week. I need this break. Change of scenery and a chance to recharge the batteries.

As ever, stay warm and stay safe.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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