Mechanical failures….

I knew yesterday’s good day would be just that….one good day only. Today has seen a few problems that have cropped up, mainly of a household nature.

A blocked bathroom sink to start with. Water just laying there and not shifting at all. In the process of being sorted but the most pressing issue of all has just been sprung upon me, no central heating.

I have a fairly antiquated central heating boiler that, to be fair, hasn’t had too many problems over the last seven years. I think I’ve only had to call the engineer out on one previous occasion, when the weather turned very cold.

And with a severely cold day outside, the chill has frozen the condensation pipe that runs from the top of the boiler through to the outside. Unfortunately I live in a top floor flat and pouring boiling water over the pipe to unfreeze it is impossible unless I was 15 feet tall.

So the engineer has been called out to arrive tomorrow and sort it out. I would think that there are a lot of these issues going around all over the UK today. Thankfully I’m young enough not to get any severe chills and I’ve got a big dressing gown on to keep out the cold. It’s an inconvenience, but a temporary one. No heating, no hot water and a blocked sink. One step forward and two backwards.

Hot water bottle maybe needed later on…

A.S.D Brooks

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