Beast from the East showing it’s teeth….

Morning. Not venturing out at all today. Though yesterday was sunny in places and it snowed too, I could get around fairly ok. Today is a different story however.

There’s a thick blanket of snow, it’s grey, miserable and very unpleasant out there. The weather advice is for people to stay indoors and keep warm, so that’s what I’m doing. There was the possibility of Peer Support group and also Music Bingo at the pub tonight too, but staying in a warm flat and not taking the chance of getting stuck are too easy offers to resist. To be fair, though I like the winter weather and cold, today is dangerous everywhere in the UK.

As I speak, more snow is falling and though it looks pretty, those skies look very forbidding. TV and plenty of hot food and drink are the order of the day today.

Stay warm and stay safe

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...