The man who came in from the cold….

Nasty weather incoming over the next week….but the sun has been shining gloriously through the windows today. Did I risk going out today and freeze like yesterday? No, decided to stay in the warm but even so, the sun is quite nice indeed.

Don’t feel too bad today. I had my moments yesterday before and after going to the football. Slight feeling of loss and numbness. But only slight. Nothing today. Had a dream of being on the top floor of a very tall building and looking down. Apparently that’s indicative of good things coming up and indeed, that four day trip away in a few weeks has got me looking forward to that and to the impending spring and summer ahead.

So, a fair day. Going to try to stay warm and dry for the next week. It’s going to be an interesting weather week. Whether we get lots of snow here in London is open to doubt. But I shall endeavour to get back to all the things I enjoy doing in the coming months ahead.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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