Hating the noises off…another by product of ASD

Two incidents this week have struck me as confirmation, if any were needed, that noises off when I am trying to concentrate on others talking to me are very off putting, to say the least.

Monday, I was trying to talk to my CBT counsellor and listen to what she was saying. Outside in the corridor, were several people coming out of a meeting and talking loudly, it appeared to me. I couldn’t make myself heard or hear any replies coming back. In fact, the counsellor had to go outside and request some quiet. She was as annoyed as I was.

And at the meeting last night, while trying to listen to what was being said, a security guard or office worker was on his/her walkie talkie outside. The loudness of the conversation was very off putting and again, someone had to get up and close the door to shut out the noise.

Imagine the loudness being magnified ten fold in your mind if you have ASD like me. Even though the noises off seem quiet, it sounds like approaching thunder to the mind. And that’s where frustration, annoyance and irritation creeps in.

Yes, another facet of having ASD. When trying to concentrate on other things, the mind will try and focus on those things to the exclusion of everything else. Sounds easy doesn’t it, but it isn’t, as this week has proved.

The mind is a strange thing…

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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