Meeting of Many Minds

Hello. It’s been a long day, but a good day. I’ve attended two meetings, both to do with mental health, both very different. In between those meetings, I took some very belated exercise, as I travelled from East to South East London. I even travelled on the Emirates Cable Car, being suspended 300 foot above the River Thames.

Also had some lunch too at my favourite Thai restaurant. So I forgot about my sore throat and irritating cough for a few hours and concentrated the mind on other things. I am slightly better today, and I feel properly tired, having had the exercise allied to a long day. So my sleep tonight will hopefully be much better.

At the first meeting, it was good to catch up with present colleagues and my old line manager put in an appearance. I was delighted to see her and it was nice being back in the bosom of the family, as it were. Hope to be at Peer Support group tomorrow, all being well. I’m fed up with feeling mentally and physically unwell. Today went some way to improving things a little.

Good to be out of doors and mingling with like minded people, though the attendance at the second meeting was a little on the paltry side. Still, there may well be very good reasons for that. Winter still has us in that physical and mental grip and has yet to relinquish it.

Looking forward to sleep.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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