One of The Greatest Men in History…

This is Sir Nicholas Winton, a former English stockbroker, who died in 2015 at the incredible age of 106. What this man did, in 1938 and 1939, will go down as one of the most selfless and amazing acts of kindness ever.

What Winton did was to bring over 664 Czech refugee children, away from their parents who were to fall victim to the depravity of the Nazi concentration camps and gas chambers. Winton helped to commandeer a series of trains to bring the children to England, where they would be adopted into new families. Winton’s act of remarkable courage saved those lives. His work wasn’t realised until 1988, where a scrapbook was discovered full of letters, passports and heart rending stories that would melt the stoniest of hearts.

I’ve just been watching some footage on YouTube, documenting this man’s work and recognising his stature. True to form, Sir Nicholas Winton didn’t want to be described as a “hero”. He was a modest individual who did something that will stand as a timeless testimony to the kindness of the human spirit.

We accord hero worship to all sorts of people nowadays, pop stars, footballers, and the like who are undeserving of such idolatry. No one but no one will ever match or surpass Sir Nicholas Winton’s place in history. I’ve been watching the footage, weeping at the good that came from that dreadful evil in 1938 and 1939. It proves that this man is one of the greatest ever in modern history. Just an incredible, incredible man and an incredible, incredible story.

On a TV show in 1988, two dozen of the people Winton helped rescue were in the audience to pay tribute. It was fitting he was made a Sir, and fitting that he lived to 106, so that the world could see that a modest, hardworking Londoner could do something that just takes the breath away. Even typing this paragraph, the tears are welling up again. What a man Sir Nicholas Winton was. A true, unsung hero that 664 people will always pay a huge debt of gratitude to.

What a heartwarming story……and I advise anyone that studies history to look up this man’s name. Just simply remarkable.

A.S.D Brooks

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