Horrendous night’s sleep. Absolutely horrendous. The problem? Acid reflux. Very unpleasant and despite the best efforts to calm it down, I didn’t get off to sleep sometime near five in the morning.

It is just the most horrible feeling to have acid reflux. The taste in the throat and mouth is stinging, the throat gets even more sore and a feeling of nausea and sickness washes over you. Just a most uncomfortable night and it seemed I would never get off to sleep.

So today, I ditched my volunteering appointment, slept in to a very late hour and consequently, it’s bear with a sore head time. Don’t feel too chipper. Think a visit to the doctor might well be in order for the acid reflux. Twice in the last two weeks now and it is more than annoying.

A forgettable Tuesday. One of these days, I might go more than one day at a time where I feel ok. It’s been a long and difficult winter, and it’s not over yet.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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