Old fashioned remedies…

I’ve had a pesky cough and sore throat for about a week. So much so in fact that I was kept awake by a coughing fit the other night.

I thought of going to the doctors, but doctors are loath to prescribe anything for sore throats and coughs, just the advice of stay in the warm, take plenty of paracetamol and liquids.

So that’s what I’ve done really. Plenty of liquids (non alcoholic!), rest and occasional taking of a throat lozenge seems to have done the trick. Today, my throat is easier, I’m not coughing so much and I feel generally better physically than in the last seven days.

I just hark back to when my late Mum was around and she would suggest paracetamol, honey and hot lemon, and rest. I have no fever with this ailment so I’ve not spent most of the time in bed. But a good rest at other times has done the trick.

Old fashioned remedies! Who needs doctors? Well I don’t at the moment. Patience and good management never goes amiss.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...