Word Perfect…

Before some meals, we like to bless the food we are about to eat by saying Grace. Grace goes like this:-

For what we are about to receive;

May the Lord make us truly thankful;

And ever mindful of the needs of others;


Last year to the very day, came one of my more embarrassing moments. I was handed over to at the annual cricket umpires dinner, to say the little blessing, and I froze. I’d forgotten the words. Cue much tut tutting and shuffling of feet. If the ground could have swallowed me up at that point, then all well and good.

I eventually read out Grace, after looking on my mobile phone where I had written it down. Not good.

Last night was our local cricket umpires annual dinner. And again, I was handed over to to perform what should be a simple duty. But this time, I’d gone through the blessing in my head scores of times throughout the day, so I wouldn’t get caught with my pants down, metaphorically speaking, this time.

And it was word perfect, to general assent! I wasn’t allowed to forget last year’s effort but I was determined to put a wrong right.

The evening was fantastic. Food, wine, company and the fact that everybody was happy was a sheer delight. In fact, it’s one of the best dinners I’ve been to. The half time raffle was comical and seemed to drag on forever. But it made people laugh and relaxed people even more.

To conclude, it’s a real pleasure and privilege to be chairman of a wonderful bunch of people, who give unstinting support and friendship. Money can’t buy that really. Wonderful to be involved in a sport like cricket and last night provided proof that cordiality and conviviality reigns supreme.

And I can say Grace now….practice makes perfect!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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