All over the place…

Out and about today. Yes, it was a cold but stunningly clear day. The mood was ok, so I decided to venture out, mainly to buy some shoes and a suit jacket. I got the former, not the latter. Shoes are never a problem, but buying clothes to suit my more rotund look these days is a little more problematic.

First of all, I decided to go to Westfields Shopping Mall in Stratford, East London, to get my shopping. I tried most clothes outfitters for the suit jacket, without success. Think it’s time to lose weight! Well, I did do some walking round, so that’s a start. Honestly, it was never an issue to get clothes to fit me years ago, but now, it is. More spare tyres around my middle than the Michelin man.

Then I ended up at a rail station with a strange title. Stratford International. The name is misleading as no Eurostar trains to mainland Europe ever stop there. I didn’t have time to worry about that as I got the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) service to Woolwich Arsenal (original home of the famous North London football club).

Then I went into London, passing by some fairly insalubrious areas of South East London, before arriving at Cannon Street, on the tube, onto Liverpool Street and home. I just fancied a little trip out and a general rule of thumb is that if I feel reasonably ok, then I will go out and about. Really nice and cold days like today certainly help the mood.

Normally, the blog isn’t a travelogue, but today, what the hell. And it’s also good to arrive home before it gets dark. The lighter evenings are a boon after the darkness of the last couple of months. On a gently upward curve after a terrible month of January. I’ll settle for that.

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