A.S.D living up to his name…

Afternoon. Returned to volunteering after a two week break from the national mental health charity that I do some work for. I wished though I’d stayed in bed.

The journey in was fine, everything was fine until my bottom hit the seat in the office. Then things started to go wrong. Paperwork all over the place, mind all over the place, things in a complete muddle. My head wasn’t focused at all. I was like a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Every little thing that went wrong was making me extremely tetchy and irritable.

Eventually, I managed to calm down and make my way to the end of the set tasks. Just. That’s my 11th stint of volunteering and the most difficult yet. I take the positive spin that if I have one bad week in 11, that’s only five times a year I’ll have a bad week. Statistically positive but it was tough today.

Perhaps the events of last week was still there in the mind and maybe I thought I’d processed them ok. I hadn’t though. Not one of my best days. Autistic Spectrum Disorder at it’s very worst.

It can only get better….

A.S.D Brooks

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44 year old adult living with Autism...