Writing Eloquently…

A colleague of mine paid a nice tribute to my blog the other day, saying that “You write eloquently”. I may write eloquently, but speaking eloquently? Not sure about that!

What’s to do today? Not a lot really. Don’t feel too bad today, I’ve just been watching sport on the TV. The down moments of this week will stay firmly in the past, time to look forward to some good stuff next week. Haven’t bothered to go out today, as a warm flat watching the TV is infinitely better than going out on a filthy, freezing February day (a bit of alliteration for you there!). Slowly starting to ease my way out of the latest mini crisis.

The football team I support won, and only just, and there’s some good horse racing and rugby union on the TV to keep my sporting interest at a good level. The end of the week proving better than the beginning.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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