Sometimes I’m grateful to have certain things going on in my life to stop the demons from invading my thoughts. The last two days have been difficult, to say the least. Tiredness abounds and to be honest, I probably need to take a little holiday somewhere, to refresh the batteries, which are flat.

The certain things that I have mainly involve administration duties. Fairly banal, mundane but necessary things. It’s that noting down of the trivial and the important that sometimes helps click the brain back from reverse into forward gear.

For example, I had some cricket meeting minutes to type up today. Trouble was, I should have done them last April, or near to the time, while they were fresh in my mind. For various reasons, I’ve been remiss in completing them for the upcoming meeting in March. I was sitting there this morning, not in the best of moods, when a text message came through, asking me politely to do the minutes and send them over.

Initially, I thought, I’ll leave them till later. Putting it off. But then I thought, to hell with it, let’s get on with it. And, after struggling through them initially, I got them done within the hour. An achievement, and something to distract me from other matters that have dominated my thoughts over the last two days. So I was grateful for the text message, and grateful to put my mind to the job and get it done.

Small steps…..only two days to go to a new month. For relief, much thanks.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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