Secret of a Good Blog Post?

Well, yesterday I hit on a much overlooked reason to boost the visitors to the new blog. Why not try linking the blog post to something of interest and see what happens? And hey presto, I got a fair amount of views for the post yesterday and today, so proving what I did was worth it.

That’s ok, as far as it goes. Most of the group I linked the blog post to probably wouldn’t give this blog a second glance, as maybe it wouldn’t interest them, so I used a method that might garner a few visitors and a few views. 71 visitors and 82 views, proving that a simple method of connectivity can work.

But back to the real world, and as only this blog has been going a week, the numbers will fall back to more modest levels. I do hope those 71 visitors return at some point. I hope they do find the blog interesting. I don’t just talk about mental health and sport, though that is a fair chunk of my material. I hope I can link to other groups on social media that find some interest in A.S.D Brooks and the associated scribblings. Watch this space….

A.S.D Brooks

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