Mingling with Football Fans…

This is where I’ve been today, but all is not what it seems.

Let me explain. I’m currently involved with a London wide campaign to promote better mental health across the capital. Today saw myself and five other volunteers and campaign managers go to Leyton Orient FC to talk to fans about mental health and be given a leaflet on how better sleep can lead to better mental health.

A laudable idea you would think. Unfortunately, this is winter time in England, and it was a bitter, freezing, rainy day to be either outside, or outside not moving very much. I managed to chat to some football fans and talked to them about our project, and found the fans chatty and friendly in equal measure. But the thing I wanted to do was either a) have a hot cup of tea or b) get out of the murk and drizzle and warm up. I could barely feel my hands at one point, it was that cold.

I’m not sure how the others got on, but they all seemed to enjoy it. Our reward for promoting better mental health was to watch Leyton Orient in action versus Aldershot in a National Conference League game. I decided to stay to the bitter end, but the game itself was a good one, with the home side losing 2-3. Leyton Orient are my local club, and I haven’t been to watch a home game for a couple of years. Typically, I missed two of the goals while we decided where to meet up at half time and at full time.

A mixed day, but I hope we got our message across about better sleep encourages better mental health. I was struck by the friendliness of the staff and fans, emphasising that Leyton Orient are a community club and have a good fan base. I always follow their results and I hope they can garner some success from what has been a difficult season. The atmosphere was lively and fun, it’s just a shame the result wasn’t the right one. I shall do one of these events again, but indoors out of the elements would be more appropriate. It was a freezing day, and I still haven’t warmed up yet. A hot bath may well be in order later on, followed by a good sleep!!

A.S.D Brooks

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