One man’s wedding day…

The man was all dressed up, with somewhere to go. Smart suit, with flower adorning the lapel. Rings were with the best man. Everybody that said they would attend was there.

It was a gorgeous autumn day. The sky was azure blue, the temperature warm and the colours of the season were resplendent. The man was all ready to make one of the biggest steps of his life….to get married and get on with the rest of his life in a brave new world.

The man sat in the church, back turned to the assembled throng. The vicar was there, the best man, the usher, and countless others. Then the bride showed up. She looked stunning in a flowing white dress. The man was asked to stand, while his bride to be took her place next to him.

The ceremony started and then the man had to turn to face the audience. There were a lot there. The man was nervous, but said the right things and all was well. Soon, it was all over. The signing of the register took place, with the glint of the autumn sun still reflecting off the windows. The man and his new wife were content.

The happy couple made their way outside, with the usual showering of confetti, and then it was in to the wonderful chauffeur driven car to the reception. The day couldn’t have gone any better. It was perfect…..

This was me seven and a half years ago. It all started to go wrong from that point onwards. But I wouldn’t have changed that day for anything. If only I could have my time over again, then the day and the future may have turned out differently. But it was a day I will always remember fondly, if not for the shambles that followed….and my mental health started to deteriorate.

Sometimes we make decisions based on our heart rather than our head. I was gullible, naive and blundered into a world that nearly caused me to shuffle off the mortal coil. But I’m still here and battling on each day. It could have been so different….

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...