Hopefully not coming down with the lurgie…

Afternoon. To paraphrase the old joke “It’s so wet outside, they’ve got lifeboat drill on the buses”. It’s a pretty diabolical day weather wise. Started off windy and dry, now the wind has dropped and it’s just urgh. Non stop rain.

I digress. I’ve just felt a little bit sicky the last couple of days, with a troublesome stomach ache. I hope I’ve not caught this bug that’s been doing the rounds, lots of people I know have had a sickness bug. I’ve avoided it so far, and I hope to continue to do so. But just felt a little under the weather recently.

Volunteering today at the mental health charity, and all good. Very busy and it picked up my mood, which wasn’t the best this morning. Nice people to be around, and very genuine and supportive. Good to keep relatively busy.

Off now to dry off.

A.S.D. Brooks

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