This is Thames….from London.

Good evening. The amazing London skyline is the backdrop to this particular blog post. I have been attending a meeting at the seat of London government, City Hall, to do with mental health and improving the lives of those across the capital who have mental illness.

First of all, I settled down to enjoy a meal at a fantastic Thai restaurant just a few hundred yards from City Hall. The food and quality of service was exemplary, in fact I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Thai cuisine. That provided some good fuel for the rest of the evening.

The meeting was productive and full of good ideas, and we even had a glimpse of the man who runs London, Mr. Sadiq Khan, who strode by in the corridor as our meeting went on. I’m not going to entertain any comments on political allegiances and whether you like him or not, but it was good to get a glimpse of the head honcho, as it were.

I’m partaking in an event on this coming Saturday to do with mental health, of which more will follow on the day. It’s nice to be involved in more mental health awareness outside of my usual comfort zone, proving that there is a world out there that requires better access to services and therapies, of whatever form. I hope to make a contribution, however big or small, to facilitate that awareness. Looking forward to this Saturday.

And it was nice to get out of my local area and see a part of London I don’t get to see very often. Tower Bridge, Tower of London, the River Thames, and HMS Belfast, allied to all the other great City landmarks are places of rich heritage and a reminder how lucky I am to be a Londoner.

On the way home now, catch you all soon.

ASD Brooks

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