Confusing myself….

Evening. As some of you may or not know from my last blog, I help train prospective cricket umpires during the English winter or off season. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and you would think I’ve got a fair amount of knowledge and know how to impart that knowledge to others.

Usually it works ok, other occasions the knowledge falls down a wee bit, and I can end up confusing myself as well as the candidates. Tonight, I got horribly confused with a slightly convoluted law of cricket, and went round in metaphorical circles for a while. I finally corrected myself and apologised for the confusion. Fortunately most of the candidates know me, so I think I got away with it!

Despite the fact I’ve been a cricket umpire for 30 years of my life, there are gaps in the knowledge that will always be there. I shouldn’t really be tutoring then, in other words! But I’m ok on the laws that present little problem, it’s just the more complex ones send my head spinning.

It was another good night though, and enjoyable once again. We have seven weeks to go before the off season lessons are finished. Let’s get through those without any more mishaps!

ASD Brooks

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