A.S.D & C.B.T

Hello. Today was a visit to my CBT counsellor. What’s CBT? It stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Talking Therapies.

It’s an alternative to the medical model, which requires people with mental illnesses to take medication. CBT is a non-medication form of therapy, where patterns and methods of behaviour are challenged, in the hope to improve general well being of sufferers.

I’ve been going to my counsellor on an infrequent basis for about five years. Some time elapses where I don’t even bother to see the counsellor, because I feel generally ok and don’t need that help. On other occasions though, I need to see the counsellor and she offers a dispassionate and clear headed viewpoint on how I approach certain matters.

The counsellor has been a tower of strength and has helped me through some very low moments. This month has been quite rocky, with a mix of good and bad times. Just waiting for the month to pass by so we’re closer to spring and more longer, and hopefully warmer days. January isn’t a great month for most people. It’s still cold, still dark and people are trying to forget all the excesses of the Christmas/New Year period.

So that’s CBT. It has helped me enormously and I hope others are sold on it’s merits. But at the end of the day, it’s down to me to be well and fight off those demons. It’s a long old road.

ASD Brooks

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